Covid 19 önlemler
Covid 19 Güvenli Turizm Sertifikası


The purpose of this protocol is to determine COVID-19 and general precautions and hygiene rules / practices throughout our facility.


This protocol covers personnel hygiene rules renewed within the scope of COVID-19, cleaning and hygiene rules of common areas, welcoming rules at the entrance of the hotel, room cleaning and hygiene rules, restaurant rules, beach and pool hygiene rules, emergency rules. 


Hygiene table has been created.

Social distance rules are determined.

Visuals showing / reminding the social distance (1.5m) were prepared in the general areas of the hotel,

Non-contact thermometers were provided.

Hand disinfectant stands have been added to each floor and common areas for guests.

The medical waste and domestic waste protocol was arranged.

Garbage boxes of disposable hygiene items such as masks and gloves were provided.

Ultraviolet lamps have been used for the disinfection of all indoor areas.

Ozone generator has been used for room disinfection.

Reception and kiosks became safer with plexi and glass separators.

Visors were provided to the personnel who were in dialogue with the customer.

Staff were given covid-19 hygiene training.

Regulation and hygiene rules were determined in the restaurant and pool areas within the scope of covid-19.

Wireless internet / WIFI coverage and speed has been increased.

Our existing ventilation systems were revised to get 20% fresh air from outside;

Filter maintenance of air conditioners is made periodic and disinfected


Guests arriving at the hotel are subjected to the following checks and procedures, and their entrance is provided. Hes code query is done.

The luggage and general disinfection process of our guests whose body temperature is below 37.5 degrees during fever measurement is carried out.

Fever measurement is made and recorded.

Mask, gloves, disinfectant and cologne are supplied in case our guests are not present at the reception.

Bellboy service is provided for the guest in line with the decision taken by the hotel management.

Forms that should be kept within the scope of Covid-19 are filled. The pen used during the signature is disinfected.


Guests are allowed to wait in the lobby, taking into account the social distance rules.

The receptionist serves with visors behind the separator.

Disinfected after the guest’s standard entry procedures are completed and the room key is given to the guest.


In 4-person elevators, only people sharing the same room are provided at the same time.

Elevator call button, floor buttons door, mirror, inner iron maximum 15 min. wishes to disinfect at intervals.

The elevator is sterilized and disinfected with ultraviolet rays with automatic sensors during the period not in use


Daily routine room cleaning is done in a way that all touch points are disinfected according to the order of covid-19 cleaning procedure.

Sheets and towels are cleaned at 60-90 degrees in the laundry and then packed to be opened in the room.

After the routine room cleaning is done during the guest’s check out process, the room will be left for 10 minutes with Ozone Generators. is disinfected.


Since a limited number of guests can be served at the same time, restaurant and meal service hours have been rearranged.

Breakfast hours: 08: 00-10: 00
Lunch hours: 13: 00-14: 00
Dinner hours: 19: 00-21: 00
Snack Bar hours: 11: 00-22: 00
Bar service hours: 11: 00-23: 00

Fever is measured and recorded at the entrance of the restaurant.

Table breaks are arranged at 1.5 meter intervals.

Table orientations will be made by our staff.

Seating arrangement is planned with a distance of 60cm between people, with a maximum of 4 people at each table.

The restaurant has been reorganized within the scope of covid-19 measures and has become capable of serving 160 people at the same time.

It is used as salt and pepper shaker disposable in table services.

All drinks are served to the table by our staff.

Plates will be disinfected for 30 minutes after washing and they will be ready for use again.

The spoon / fork / knife will be disinfected for 30 minutes after washing and will be ready for use again after sterile packaging.

Products in the snack-bar will be prepared and served according to customer demand.

The food in the buffet is protected by transparent glass separators.

Open buffet Food is served to the guests by the staff on duty. Guests do not come into contact with food.


Sunbed intervals are arranged according to the social distance rule of 1.5 meters, and these distances are also determined by distance stickers on the ground.

The cleaning and hygiene of the pool water and the pool environment is provided to the maximum extent. The chlorine level of the pool is regulated as 1-3 ppm and is measured and recorded daily by authorized personnel.

Pool ppm controls are periodically controlled by the external auditor.

The pool closing time is 18:00, and after its closing, the sunbed cushions are disinfected with the system approved by the Ministry of Health and made ready for use again.


Covid-19 hygiene protocols of all supplier companies were requested and checked.

All vegetables and fruits are disinfected with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health and made ready for processing.

All incoming food products are kept and stored for 20 minutes under suitable conditions in the waiting area. & nbsp;

All equipment used in the kitchen is ultraviolet rays and disinfected at the end of the day.


General environment disinfection is carried out periodically during the day with products approved by the Ministry of Health.

General environment areas are periodically ventilated during the day.

Common use toilets are a maximum of 30 minutes. Cleaning and hygiene is done at intervals.

Appropriate social distance ranges are determined in the seats in the lobby.

Gray-colored lined waste bins are placed in staff areas and guest general areas, and it is stated that these boxes are only for materials such as masks and gloves. These wastes are disposed separately from other & nbsp; wastes.

Hand disinfectant stands have been added to the common areas for guests.


Fever measurements are made and recorded at the entrance and exit of all personnel.

Regular use of protective materials and equipment such as masks, gloves and disinfectants of the personnel is controlled.

Special hygiene training with covid-19 certification was provided to all personnel.

Personnel accommodation units have been arranged as double rooms, plans have been made for social distance in recreational and social areas and all measures have been taken. & nbsp;

Health checks are periodically carried out by our physician in the recruitment and continuity of all personnel. As of April 2021, in new recruitments, our business plans to request Covid 19 test or updated vaccine information, considering the pandemic situation.

Measures to maintain social distance and all other hygiene measures are taken in personnel transfers.

Regulations and measures have been taken to ensure that visitors, relatives, and friends are not accepted to the Personnel Accommodation Units and Lodgings.

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