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Taksiryaris Ayvalık
Ayvalık Tekne Turu boat trip

 If you are spending your vacation in Ayvalık, we will have a few suggestions for you.

Our current to do list 

– Stroll through old Ayvalık downtown and enjoy the unique flair .
– Be sure to try our famous Ayvalık-Toast.  
– Walk along the promenade in Ayvalık an enjoy a turkish cay in one of the tea houses.
– Try and Buy the best Olive Oil in Turkey. 
– Be sure to eat our quark desserts; Lor tatlisi and Hösmerim in one of our traditional pastry shops.  
– Enjoy the sunset and the fantastic view at the devil’s table, Seytansofrası. 
– Visit the bazaar in Ayvalık, which is set up every Thursday. 
– Discover and explore our bays and islands with an excursion boat.
– Visit downtown of cunda peninsula and enjoy our traditional raki with excellent seafood. 
– Try our traditional mastic ice cream and our sweet lokma snack, which you can only find in our region.  

We wish you an exciting vacation. 

Olives and Tourism ; Ayvalik at north aegean coast is one of the most charming towns ın Turkey. Member registered as maximum date found in the house in Turkey and nostalgia smelling historic streets with its Ayvalık has an exclusive texture. It is a candidate to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List today with its centuries-old olive oil and its unique industrial landscape based on soap factories and olive cultivation.

Once the legendary summer resort Ayvalık has been rediscovered these days by those who longed for a quiet life and escaped from big cities. As the stone houses are restored, the streets become more beautiful, Stylish restaurants, new generation cafes, art galleries, antique shops, ceramic workshops are increasing. 

If you want a quiet, calm and peaceful holiday on the Aegean coast, Ayvalık should be the place you should come to. Its delicious cuisine with more than fifty appetizers, 23 islands sprinkled like a green pearl in the Aegean Sea, 3 coves, sparkling blue flag beaches, the famous Sarımsaklı and Cunda peninsulas… what more can you expect. We are waiting for you.  

Ayvalik is one of the gates of the Anatolian Peninsula to the west Aegean Sea. The city became one of the most well-known settlements on the Aegean coast in the 19th century with his commercial activity and wealth, cultural and intellectual level. This landscape is surrounded by Edremit Bay of Balıkesir province in the north and Dikili and Bergama districts of İzmir province in the south. There are many historical churches in Ayvalık, Küçükköy and Cunda Island where Greeks lived for many years. Ayvalık Taksiyarhis Church located in the center of Ayvalık. 

Ayvalık can be reached on foot in 5 minutes from the beach. Taksiyarhis Church, one of the many historical churches built by Greeks in Ayvalık, was built in 1844 in the name of Archangel Gabriel. Restored and opened to visitors in 2013, the memorial museum status. Ayvalık’s original structure has been preserved to a great extent and there are more than 350 buildings registered. See the houses built of garlic stone unique to Ayvalık on your pleasant journey on the streets of Ayvalık. This houses are perfect examples of architecture that convey the Turkish and Greek life of the 19th century to the present. The houses have 2-3 floors, 6-8 rooms and many small windows in each room. The narrow cobblestone streets have a mysterious air. Macaron Mahallesi is a must-see place for those who want to experience the old texture of Ayvalık. It impresses with its geraniums hanging on its windows, doors, door knobs, windows, wood and stone workmanship.

Saatli Mosque, located in the Fevzipaşa District of Ayvalık center, is a building built as a church by the Greeks in 1870 and turned into a mosque in 1928. The building, also known as the Agios Yannis Church, was built on the area where sloping and flat floors meet. Although the bell tower was destroyed in the earthquake of 1944, the building was named as Saatli Mosque due to the
clocks on the north and south, east and west facades. Only 4 minutes on foot from Taksiyaris Church, in places to see in Ayvalık center. The Çınarlı Mosque (Ayios Yorgi Church), which was converted from an old Greek church into a mosque, and the Hamidiye Mosque built by Sultan Abdülhamid for Muslims living in Ayvalık in the second half of the 19th century, can be seen. In addition, Hayrettin Paşa Mosque (Kato Panayia Church) is one of the first churches of Ayvalık, built in 1850.

C in, in Turkey’s Aegean Sea 4 C with large island – Ali Bey Island in Ayvalık sheep called located and Ayvalık Islands 23, one of the island. In the summer, the boat leaves the Ayvalık pier. You can also go by car. It is directly opposite Ayvalık and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Places to visit; The Rahmi Koç museum is one of the most valuable historical buildings of Cunda and was built by the Greek Orthodox community in 1873 as the Metropolitan Church. It was restored by Rahmi Koç in 2014 and turned into a museum. Marine tools, old cars and toys are on display. Sevim and Necdet Kent Library, An old mill and church on the hill were restored by Rahmi Koç in 2007. The place, formerly the Church of Agios Yannis, serves as the Sevim and Necdet City Library after the restoration and the view from here is amazing.

Only 3 km away from our hotel, Şeytan Sofrası is one of the places with the most beautiful view in our country. Ayvalık is 8 km from the town center. Ayvalık Islands are under your feet. Visit at sunset and enjoy the panoramic view.

Küçükköy; This village, formerly known as Yeniçarohori, where Greeks and then Bosnians settled before the exchange, do not miss out on the list of places to visit. The place, which is now called Küçükköy, in recent years, art workshops of historical houses, painting galleries, design boutiques, restaurants, lounIt’s an interesting place where it turns into ge and jazz venues. Visit the mosque of the village, which was used as Ayiu Athanasiu Church in the past, and the Immigration Museum in the garden of the mosque.

Kazdağları (Ida mountains) and Kozak plateau, in the north are also must-see regions. Our recommendation is Hasan Boğldu Waterfall, located at the foot of the Ida Mountains. Kozak plateau should not be forgotten, either. Maya Hill of Madra Mountain, which is in the north of Bergama, is covered with pine forests in granite soils, Kozak plateau, a natural wonder, is covered with around 5 million pistachio pine trees. As you can see our hotel and region offers;  except sea, beach, sand, sun, pool, food, drink and entertainment, many places to visit and see are very close ..
Here you are welcome . 

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